Korean, Koryo Dynasty bronze spoon and chopsticks

(about 1,000 years old)

(3012) Beautiful famous willow leaf design spoon from the Koryo period (10.25 inches spoon and 9 inch chopsticks) Shows patina and oxidation of age.  Spoon in excellent condition. Chopsticks show some minor nicks due to age and usage.  You can see two nicks on the lower chopstick.
This spoon's curved handle and oval bowl typifies Koryo period (918-1392) bronzeware design. The handles on earlier Koryo spoons such as this are shorter and have a gentler curve than their mid-Koryo counterparts. It is therefore likely that this spoon dates to the 10th to 11th century.
spoon set 3012
The idea of using metal chopsticks was popular in Korea. It was the common people’s way of being like the king.  Since pure silver was out of the question, more common kinds of metal were used, which is why now most modern chopsticks in Korea are made from stainless steel. Also, it is believed that metal chopsticks are easier to clean and thus more hygienic than wooden materials. Shiny, clean, and healthy–Korea is the only country in the world that has used metal chopsticks like this! Above is a picture of the actual bronze spoon and chopsticks offered in this sale.

The pictures below are not pictures of the spoon we are offering but actual pictures of similar spoons on exhibit at famous museums. This demonstrates the importance of the item in our sale.

Cleveland Museum
Above is a picture of an actual similar spoon on exhibit at the Cleveland Museum
University of Maryland
Here is another similar actual spoon on exhibit at the University of Maryland Museum

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