Rare, large antique Okinawan Dragon Vase

Notice the two handles crafted from loops of the body of the dragon. This can be displayed as a standing or hanging vase

11.5 inches high,

weight 6.5 pounds

Okinawan Nineteenth Century Ryukyu Kingdom Second Dynasty Tsuboya Ware Vase.
large vase
two sides

Note the thick detailed sculpting on this piece

Pottery was first introduced to Ryukyu from China between during  1100s and1400s).  Tsuboya wares produced in the Tsuboya district of Naha  are the most well-known style of Ryukyuan pottery, and the most strongly associated with Ryûkyû. In addition to dishes, vessels, and roof tiles, Ryukyuan pottery is especially known for the production of funerary urns, and shisa, lion-like guardians placed on rooftops and at gates to protect homes and other spaces from evil spirits.

view of this Dragon Vase from top and bottom

it is in perfect condition

Up until the Meiji period, Tsuboya remained a center of production of relatively simple arayachi (荒焼, "rough wares"), or unglazed ceramics. It was only in the Taisho Period that, seeing the great popularity of Arita wares in the mainland Japanese market and seeking to expand their market share, the Tsuboya potters began producing joyachi (上焼, "completed wares"), that is, glazed ceramics, with elaborate designs of fish, dragons, and the like.

up and down

this certificate from the okinawa antiques dealers and collectors association comes with the vase


Comparison vase not our vase

This is a picture of a smaller vase made about the same time at the same Ryukyuan kiln. This is not the vase I am offering in this sale. I am including this picture to give you a way to evaluate the vase we are offering.  This vase is only 7.5 inches high and does not have the exquisite sculpturing or outstanding handles formed by loops of the body of the dragon as you can see in the pictures of the vase we are offering. This one is smaller and has none of the wonderful detail of the other. It is being offered at this date (12/24/2020)  by a very large international company for $850.00.
smaller vase

Rare Okinawa Dragon Vase

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This is an extremely fine example of an Okinawan antique vase