This is a special page just to order a set of two Shark Lasers and two laser clamps

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Shasrk Laser set

This special purchase includes 2 Shark Laser sets.  Each set includes one laser, one battery, one battery charger, set of spare O-rings, heavy duty wrist lanyard and hard sided zipper case.

The Laser clamp fits the Shark Laser and allows it to be attached to a bar or tube shaped mounting.  Note, the Laser clamp must be rinsed in fresh water after use in sea water or it will corrode.

This special purchase includes 2 of this clamp.

special sale

Special Shark Lasers for research

This single order includes 2 Shark Laser Kits, 2 Laser Clamps, and postage to 6 Crystal Ave, Cardiff, Wales, UK, CF23 5QJ, by International Priority Mall, all at the regular rates, minus a $60 discount we offer to researchers who are using the lasers to measure marine life. Extra O-rings will be included.
Delivery time:5-7 Days
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