NEW Low pressure yellow regulator hose

36 inch yellow hose with standard USA regulator fittings.

Male end thread = 3/8 - 24 UNF

Female end thread = 9/16 - 18 UNF

This will fit all standard 2nd stage regulators and would be ideal for use as a hose for your alternate air source octopus rig.  The bright yellow color makes it stand out  in an emergency. We would suggest that this hose coupled with an Oceanco Air Buddy model 2020 would make an ideal alternate  emergency air source.  Please note that the current up to date model of the Air Buddy is the Model 2020.  It has the best breathing characteristics.

You can find the Air Buddy 2020 also on Ebay.


yellow low pressure hose
Female end of yellow hose

Female fitting of yellow hose

male end of hellow hose

Male fitting of yellow hose

Aidr buddy octopus

This shows what the Air Buddy 2020 alternate air source would look like assembled with the Air Buddy


Customer Protection

You may return this item for a full refund within 2 weeks if you receive it damaged or it does not meet its description.  You cannot return it if you damage it. Because this is brand new SCUBA equipment all of the Ebay return guarantees apply, but we want to point out that if you desire to return the item for any legitimate reason, one important consideration is that you have not used or wet the item.  Once this has been in the water it can no longer be considered NEW.

This item does not include an instruction book of any kind. If you buy it you are agreeing that it will only by used by someone who has been properly trained in its use.