Museum quality antique korean water dropper in the shape of a fish.

Iconic 19th century treasure offered with 100% money back guarantee (see details below)

To prepare ink for calligraphy or painting, a Joseon scholar might have used this instrument to drip water onto an inkstone for grinding an ink stick. Porcelain water droppers, often in whimsical shapes and with or without painted decoration, were fashionable during the nineteenth century.
water dropper
Here is a sample of the kind of calligraphy paintings that were done using the hand made brushes, ink stones and water droppers as the one shown here. This art form is still alive and well in Korea today.

The water dropper I am offering (below left) is almost identical to the one now on display (below right) at the New York Museum of Art. It is not a copy or a reproduction, but an original piece that was made at the same kiln, at the same time in Korea.  I would guess that the kiln making this one had a few artists all working on the same style. You can see obvious differences in the pieces. I am not asking the $2500 or $3500 you might expect to pay for a museum piece but only $375 for the similar one that would make a fine addition to any collection.

water dropper

This is the water dropper I am offering for sale.

Title: Water dropper in the shape of a fish

Period: Joseon dynasty (1392–1910)

Date: late 19th century

Culture: Korea

Medium: Porcelain with underglaze cobalt blue

museum specimen

This is the water dropper now on display at the New York Museum of Art

Classification: Ceramics

Credit Line: Gift of Kang Collection, Korean Art, New York, 2003

Accession Number: 2003.549

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During the more than 50 years I lived in the Orient I owned an antique store and also had a large personal collection of antiques. I was a member of the Okinawa Antique Dealers and Collectors Association.

 Now,  heading toward 90 years old it is time for me to give up my personal collection  I offer a 100% money back guarantee on this antique for any reason at all.  Simply return it undamaged within 30 days and you will receive a full refund. Sometimes even experts disagree on the exact age of a piece. That is why I offer a refund simply because you request it.  Because antiques sometimes require careful packing, you will be responsible for safe return shipping of any item.