Important notice

This is the FX model that gives  you 7 modes to choose from. Cheaper models give  you only 1 or 3 modes to choose from.

Don't be misled

Don't try to save a couple of bucks by not noticing the cheaper models are not the FX.

You can also notice that some of the others do not come with the battery. This comes with a battery.

You'll be sorry later. The FX is:

• Waterproof to 3500 meters (137795.28 feet)

• 7 modes to choose

• Powered by 23A (12v) super alkaline cell 

• 30 to 80 hours runtime (Dependent on mode)

• Weighs only 34g (battery included)

• 5 colors to choose:Red,Amber, Green, Blue, White 

green GT

The split ring at the top of the Glo-toob is the switch used to turn it on and off and to loop through the 7 modes, which are: Equal flash, Beacon strobe, Slow strobe, SOS, Pulse, 100% constant on and 25% constant on.

ring switch

To use the ring as a switch grasp it and turn it while holding the Glo-toob with the other hand. You can also use the ring to hand it on a lanyard or line.  


The company boasts that the Glo-toob is just about indestructible and offers the above limited lifetime warranty.

The company offers this in 5 different colors.  The actual colors may look slightly different in life because of differences in monitors and camera reproductions.

5 colors are offered


You may return this item for a full refund within 30 days if you receive it damaged or it does not meet its description.  You cannot return it if you damage it. Because this is brand new SCUBA equipment all of the Ebay return guarantees apply, but we want to point out that if you desire to return the item for any legitimate reason, one important consideration is that you have not used or wet the item.  Once this has been in the water it can no longer be considered NEW.