The Three Kingdoms period of Korea is the source of this  covered bowl

It appears to come from the Silla Kingdom (pronounced "Shilla")  which was one of Korea's "Three Kingdoms," along with the Baekje Kingdom and Koryo. Silla was occupied the southeast area of the Korean Peninsula, while Baekje controlled the southwest, and Koryo occupied  the north.  The Silla Kingdom was founded in 57 BCE. It would survive for nearly 992 years, making it one of the longest sustained dynasties in human history.

It's exact age is difficult to assess but it is ancient.  You can get an idea from the information we show below. 

soldcovered bowl

The bowl is in perfect condition.

The bowl without the cover is 3" high and 4.5" wide.  With the cover in place it is 4" high.


The cover has some chips around one side of the edge.The picture on the right shows the chipped side with the cover in place.  The picture at the top of the page shows the cover in place with the good side in front

top of top
bottom of top

Below are pictures of two other early pieces for comparison.

The two jars shown below give you an idea of how difficult it is to pin down the exact date of this piece.  The covered jar on the left has a cover similar to this one but the foot is a much later style.  The jar on the right shows a much better color comparison and also demonstrates the variance in colors of the clay, with the upper part being lighter than the lower part, as is our bowl.

Looking closely at these two samples you will also notice how fragile are the edges of this kind of jar.  You will see similar chips on the thin edges of all the pieces.  It is common with this type of pottery of this great age. 

3 kingdoms

The jar on the left is on display in the Honolulu Academy of Arts, which describes it as stoneware coming from Korea, Three Kingdoms period-Silla, 6th-7th century,

3 kingdoms

The Jar with horn-shaped handles on the left is also on exhibit but is described as having been made in the the 1st to 3rd century.



You will receive this certificate of origin with your bowl.