Scuba Shops Closing due to Corona Virus  force discount warehouse sale of new items.

Take advantage of the discounted prices on the items we will list here.  All items are brand new.

You could expect to pay upwards of $300 for a regulator set like this in a dive shop.   

Aquatec Deluxe Regulator complete set, 1st and 2nd stages

A fine balanced diaphragm regulator set made by one of the worlds largest scuba manufacturers.  This regulator has all the professional features found only on the very top regulators.

Aquatec regulator set
1st stage
  • Type: Balanced diaphragm First Stage Scuba Regulator.
  • Connector: Yoke
  • Intermediate pressure: 135-145 PSI (9.5-10.2 Bar).
  • High pressure port: (7/16" 20W UNF-2B) x 2.
  • Low pressure port: (3/8" 24W UNF-2B) x 4.
  • Ventilation: air supply 3000PSI (135 SCFM).
  • Weight: 1000 Grams.
  • Material: Chromium plated brass body/SUS springs.
  • Cool & warm water use.
  • CE Approval
  • Six outlet ports on first stage, 4 low pressure ports and 2 high pressure ports.


    Aquatec makes the best 2nd stage regulators

    • Type: Pneumatically balanced design gives consistent gas pressure for easy inhalation
    • Intermediate pressure: 150 PSI.
    • Inhalation effort: 1.2-1.4 CIW (Column inches of Water).
    • Exhalation efferot: 1.1 CIW.
    • Flow rate: 30+SCFM (Air supply: 3000PSI).
    • Pneumatically balanced design gives consistent gas pressure for easy inhalation
    • Venturi assist directs airflow from the valve directly to the mouthpiece producing smooth inhalation
    • Easy grip dive/pre-dive switch avoids free at surface and is easy to use with gloves
    • Orthdontic mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue on long dives
    • Adjustable design helps diver fine tune cracking pressure so breathing resistance matches diver personal preference.
    • Deflection ring works to maximize performance while deterring free flow
    • Second stage adjustment knob: Fine-tunes inhalation effort
    • Weight: 237g (0.52lb)


    2nd stage
    dive / predive switch

    To allow the maximum air flow the second stage has a switch that allows you to reduce the flow prior to submerging to eliminate the chance of free flowing.  Simply move the switch to turn it on to full during the dive.

    air flow adjustment

  • Second stage adjustment knob: Fine-tunes inhalation effort

    Customer Protection

    You may return this item for a full refund within 2 weeks if you receive it damaged or it does not meet its description.  You cannot return it if you damage it. Because this is brand new SCUBA equipment all of the Ebay return guarantees apply, but we want to point out that if you desire to return the item for any legitimate reason, one important consideration is that you have not used or wet the item.  Once this has been in the water it can no longer be considered NEW.

    This item does not include an instruction book of any kind. If you buy it you are agreeing that it will only by used by someone who has been properly trained in its use.