Collection of 14 hand made Korean antique glass beads

If you make the rounds of antique shops in Korea, you will find occasional offerings of handmade glass beads with an asking price of $15 to $150 per bead based on the size, shape and color.   No two are identical. Individually they can be set as features in delicate jewelry or featured in fine embroidery.  There is no reason to think they are all the same age.  Individually they could be about 100 to 400 years old made during the Joseon Dynasty period.

sold14l beads

Example of rarity

To emphasize the rarity of these Joseon (Choson or Yi) Dynasty, 1392–1910  hand made glass beads, the two to the right (not included in this sale) are on exhibit at the National Folk Museum of Korea in Seoul. These two beads are from the same time period as 14 beads being offered.

sample beads

The set of antique beads comes with this certificate of origin.